About Us

Ali making elderberry syrup in her kitchen

Our Mission

Our vision is simple: a world where a fair and healthy distribution of food is shared by everybody. The challenges we face are systemic, but we have the tools and knowledge we need at our disposal.

Our aim is to change attitudes and behaviours at every level - from consumers to producers of food - making a healthy and fair food distribution our new reality. We work towards this vision by harnessing the power of creativity and ambitious thinking, working in cross-sector partnerships and approaching nutrition challenges with the mindset of behavioural psychologists.

Our clients include some of the world’s biggest food manufacturers, UN institutions, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and academic institutions. Closer to home, we work on regional health improvement projects and in the local community.

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Ali Morpeth

Ali Morpeth is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist (RNutr). RNutr’s are the only Nutritionists qualified to provide evidence-based advice for use in practice. Ali also has a Masters in Public Health and Certification in behavioural psychology.

For more than 15 years, Ali has consulted on projects of various sizes - from analysing primary school menus in West Yorkshire to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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Emma Higginson

Emma is our administrator, project manager and research assistant. For many years she worked as a Board Level Executive Assistant in London before establishing her remote PA business supporting female entrepreneurs. She keeps the wheels of our projects turning.

What our clients say

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— Ali is one of the most dedicated professionals I know. She has a real passion for applying the outcomes of scientific evidence to the real world. One of the biggest contributions Ali made was building an evidence base, bringing together the results of the clinical trial with other studies, to apply to Unilever’s health brands. In doing so, she helped translate the evidence into campaigns and tools aimed at improving people’s health in many countries.

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— Ali is a pioneer in public health nutrition - she tirelessly builds positive health for communities and groups in the UK and globally. Her experience of working across public and private sectors - understanding the role that NGOs and business have to play in improving nutrition - makes her a unique specialist in her field. I have seen her become a go-to consultant for many organisations seeking to deliver large scale behaviour change and advocacy interventions over the past 10 years.

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— Ali and I worked together on several deliverables for Unilever from 2009-­2016. Her expertise, drive, focus and direction is exemplary. She is one of the most versatile and dynamic colleagues I have had the opportunity to work with professionally. One specific example that I know Ali for is her way of saying yes to any challenge and then producing results up and above no matter how difficult the ask. This gift that Ali has struck me as someone with a unique talent. I would recommend Ali to be a part of solving any challenge.